In 1935, following the takeover of the Company PETILLON established on the site since 1855, the new company P. Decoster & Cie dyeing and bleaching is created.

Initially specializing in the treatment of fibers and yarn LIN, the Company develops in the custom yarn dyes and invests in new dyeing machines on reels.

In 2005, the Company P. Decoster & Cie takes the Company CAULLIEZ Brothers, specializing in the dyeing and sale of package dyed yarn primarily for the knitting.

The new brand name becomes : Decoster CAULLIEZ.

The DECOSTER CAULLIEZ Company offers two types of services :
Custom work,
Yarn dyed package sale.

The DECOSTER CAULLIEZ Company is equipped with modern and reliable production tools to produce dyes passes 50 to 1,000kg in color, which allows either satisfy both small and large orders.

The DECOSTER CAULLIEZ Company also has a very special dyeing technique called ASTRODYE and CAULLIEZ MULTISPACE® capable of playing colorful dyes.